Discounts Are Relative

| Working | July 2, 2015

(My aunt owns a cafe. I stop by on my way to work daily and get a 50% discount on anything I order. A new employee is working today. I immediately know that I’m going to have trouble.)

Me: “Can I have a white coffee and a raisin muffin, please?”

New Employee: “Sure, that will be [total]. ”

Me: “I also get a 50% discount. My aunt is the owner.”

New Employee: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I won’t give you a discount.”

Me: “Do you need proof? I know she’s here. Please go get her.”

New Employee: “I’m not going to disturb her because you think you can get a discount. Please leave.”

Me: “I have to be at work soon. Could you please go get [Aunt] so I could go?”

New Employee: “I have asked you to leave because you are trying to scam us. Please go before I call the police.”

(At this point I just need to get my aunt, so I yell for her. She comes up to the front of the cafe, and I relay what happened.)

Aunt: “For goodness sake! Just give her the discount!”

(The employee quickly took off 50% and gave me my stuff without a word. I found out she was fired soon after because she was harassing customers.)

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