Discount That Discount Request

, , , | Right | October 11, 2020

I’m dealing with a business customer that is a new face in a long-standing relationship between our two companies. I have agreed to the support and product when…

Customer: “Is this the best price you can do?

Me: “That is the set price for your choices, so yes, I believe so.”

Customer: “Well, I need to see some discount, or I know that this will not get approved.”

Me: “Okay, well, looking at your records, it is the same price you have paid for the last three years; it is actually surprising the cost hasn’t gone up.”

Customer: “I want to speak with the MD.”

Me: “Okay, no problem at all. Let me see if he is available.”

My managing director has been listening in and signals to pass the caller through. He puts the call on speakerphone so the office can hear.

Customer: “I want a discount on this order.”

MD: “Sorry, we don’t do discounts.”

Customer: “Oh. I think we will have to cancel the order, then.”

MD: “I’m sorry to hear that. You are aware that we are the only suppliers of a product that you legally have to have to continue selling to your customers?”

Customer: “Oh? Okay, then.”

He approved the funding later the same day.

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