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We have a $5 lunch special that is very popular with older customers. Policy states we cannot discount an item already discounted. Some of our new people have problems with it. I am with a customer who has just ordered two of the specials and asks me to put the senior discount on it.

Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m not allowed to put a discount on that as it is already discounted.”

Customer: “Well, they did last time; why can’t you now?”

My general manager is next to me at the expediting window as we are short-handed.

Me: “I’m sorry, that must have been a new person who was unsure of the policy. We will work on that, but I cannot add a discount to a discount.”

The customer paid and was visibly upset that I refused to put the discount on. I am one of two employees that’s not management that is still there from opening almost a year ago.

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