Disappointment Appointment

| Related | May 26, 2014

(My mother has a doctor’s appointment, and after signing into the office notices one of her friends in the waiting room. She sits next to her and they chat. Half an hour later my mother’s name still hasn’t been called.)

Mother: “My appointment was at ten, and it’s almost half past. Why are doctors always late?”

Friend: “They have blood clinic on Thursday, so maybe that over ran.”

Mother: “Thursday?”

Friend: “Yeah.”

Mother: “Not Friday?”

Friend: “No.”

Mother: “My appointment isn’t until tomorrow.”

(My mother’s friend begins to laugh while my mother decides that instead of just walking out, she needs to make it look like she meant to come and sit for half an hour.)

Mother: *really loudly, standing up* “Well, [Friend], nice talking to you! I’d better do what I came here to do and check my appointment time!”

(She makes her way to the front desk.)

Mother: “Hello! I just wanted to check what time my appointment was at 10 o’ clock tomorrow…”

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