Disappearing Into A Good Book

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(I am sitting in a comfortable section of armchairs at a library enjoying a book that is so hilarious I am shaking with laughter, but struggling to do so as silently as possible to be considerate of other patrons and students. Another woman comes to sit down across from me. After some minutes go by where I have some more bouts of laughter, she reaches over and touches me on the knee.)

Woman: “Oh, my goodness. Are you okay, sweetie? Why are you crying?”

Me: *completely weirded out* “What? I’m not crying? I’m fine.”

Woman: “It really sounds like you’re sobbing and hiding it behind that book.”

Me: “Um… If I needed to have a cry, I would definitely find someplace more private to do it than behind a book. I’m laughing because this is really funny, but I’m trying not to be too loud. Really, I’m okay.”

Woman: “But you have tears in your eyes!”

Me: “Again, from laughing. You can take your hand off my knee; I don’t need to be comforted. Honestly, I was very happy at the moment.”

Woman: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Positive.”

Woman: “If something is wrong, it’s okay to talk about it. Do you need a hug?”

Me: “Argh! Nothing’s wrong!”

(She looks uncertain but withdraws. I feel her watching me closely, but I get engrossed back into reading. I also realize she can see my face perfectly well and that I am clearly grinning. I get to another passage that nearly has me doubling over in laughter and I’m shaking.)

Woman: “Are you sure you’re not crying?!”

Me: “Okay, you know what? I’m just going to take this book to go.”

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