Disabling Any Future In This Company

, , , | Working | October 2, 2018

(We recently hired a new assistant, and it is her first day. She’s already here at seven am, which is a nice change because usually I’m the only one in the office that early. I show her around, explain who sits where, and give her her first task. Soon, another coworker arrives, who happens to have a one-sided facial nerve paralysis, and sits down at his desk. The new hire jumps up and hurries past me to his desk to, I assume, introduce herself. However, I immediately sense things going sideways as she starts talking with the really high-pitched voice typically reserved for talking to children.)

New Hire: “Hiiiii there, buddy. You want to work? That’s so great! Why don’t you wait here for second and I’ll get you a nice calculator, okay?”

(She sprints to me, leaving our flabbergasted coworker behind.)

New Hire: “[My Name], I think we left the front door unlocked. Some [disabled slur] just walked in and sat down at a table. Should we call the police?”

Me: “Um… That’s [Coworker]. He has a facial paralysis… and holds a doctorate in physics.”

(Our boss arrived shortly afterwards. The new hire kept insisting that our coworker looked like a [disabled slur] and her reaction was therefore absolutely correct. I have to say, I’ve seen some people let go during their probation period, but after not even an hour was a new one for me.)

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