Disability Challenged

| Working | October 19, 2013

(My supervisor is in the process of writing his daily report of activity on the construction site. He calls one of the foremen on site for the spelling of his last name.)

Supervisor: “So it’s P-R-… D-R-… P-R-O… No? Okay then.”

(The supervisor hangs up the phone and turns to me.)

Supervisor: “There must be concrete dust in his phone. I couldn’t hear a thing he said.”

(A moment later, the foreman arrives at the field office door, goes straight to the desk and writes his name down.)

Foreman: “There! That’s how it’s spelled, ya deaf b******!”

(The foreman leaves and goes back to working.)

Supervisor: “Hey! I’m not dumb.”

Me: “…he said deaf.”

Supervisor: “Oh.”

(We both crack up laughing.)

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