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Dirty Dan Never Fails!

, , , , , , | Working | July 29, 2020

I have applied to a work-from-home customer service position and they email me to schedule an interview. I schedule and promptly forget about it. I have also been receiving numerous scammer calls a day and am getting fed up. So, after quite a bit of reading on Not Always Right, I decide to use one of the bits I find there to answer the next scammer calls I receive.

The first time it happens, the scammer promptly hangs up and I happily go about my day. Then, the next number that I don’t recognize calls, and I happily answer.

Me: “Dirty Dan’s House of Hookers! You have the dough and we have the blow!”

Interviewer: “Um… Oh… Um… I need to speak to [My Name]?”

Me: “Sorry, who am I speaking with?”

Interviewer: “This is [Interviewer] from [Company], calling for a phone interview?”

Me: *Stunned* “Oh, my God, I’m so, so, so sorry. I’ve been getting so many scammer calls that I’ve been trying to make them hang up.”

Interviewer: *Laughing* “No worries! If you want to proceed with the interview, we can. Just please repeat that line to me at the end of the interview. I could really use something for those scammer calls, too!”

I aced the interview and was offered a job a week later. So glad I didn’t scare her off!

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