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Direct Action Is Sometimes Necessary

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: thesagebrushkid1 | November 26, 2021

I am working as an investigator for a National Health Service project. We are dealing with client claims but we aren’t client-facing. It is very rare that the phone rings.

The phone goes off and everyone freezes like naughty meerkats. I’m nominated to answer it.

Me: “Hello, NHS Wales, [Project]. How can I help?”

Caller: “Hello? I want to pay my bill!”

The old fella is after [Gas Company]. He politely excuses himself and all is well.

Two minutes later, the phone goes off again.

Me: “Hello, NHS Wales—”

Caller: “[Gas Company]?!”

Me: “Ah, no, sir, here’s the number for [Gas Company].”

I Google the number and pass it on, and it’s fine.

Two minutes later…

Me: “Hello, NHS Wales—”

Caller: “But I’m looking for [Gas Company]! My bill!”

Me: “Okay. Hang on two ticks, please, sir.”

I put him on hold, dialed up [Gas Company] customer service, waited until it was connected, and forwarded him through.

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