Dinosaur Roundup!

| General | June 22, 2018

With the release of Jurassic Word: Fallen Kingdom in theaters today, we thought we’d have a go at rounding up some dino-themed stories for your prehistoric pleasure. And yes… we have a T-Rex.


Jurassic Lark — When a museum makes up “live dinosaurs” to attract visitors.

Jurassic Spark Of Life — Love can be like a Velociraptor — testing the fences for weaknesses.

Jurassic Farce — Velociraptors are the best defense against outrageous customers.

Hopefully, This Attitude Will Go Extinct — Because there’s no plesiosauring some people.

She’s Obviously Seen Jurassic Park III — It was a… painful movie.

The Jurassic Era Of Train Travel — This story is totally historically accurate, even the part with dinosaurs on trains.

Past The Jurassic Trimester — You might want to bottle-feed this one…

This Is Why Jurassic Park Is PG-13 — Dinosaurs and children: what a wonderful mix.

A Dinosaur Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas — For just $9.99, you can save a homeless dinosaur this Christmas…


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