Dinner, Movie, Then Break Up

| Romantic | September 9, 2013

(I am 15 and I am going out with my first boyfriend. However, he is not the nicest man: he is controlling, a compulsive liar, and if there is no drama going on he will make something up. Because of this, my parents no longer trust me, we always argue, and I have fallen out with all of my friends. I have recently made friends with a girl in my school, and she invites me to go bowling with her taekwondo club for Christmas, and then later after food go to the cinemas with her and her cousin, and then sleep over at her house. I am so excited, because I finally have a friend to hang out with again, and I tell my boyfriend what our plans are. The next day when I get home, I go online and begin to chat with my boyfriend.)

Boyfriend: “So what did you do last night?”

Me: “We went bowling, and then went to see Saint Trinians. It was a really good night.”

Boyfriend: “Good enough to cheat on me?”

Me: “What?”

Boyfriend: “You cheated on me last night. You and [friend’s name] were on a double date weren’t you?”

Me: “No, it was just me, [friend’s name] and [friend’s female cousin’s name].”

Boyfriend: “Don’t f***** lie to me; my friend saw you two with two other lads holding hands.”

Me: “What friend?”

Boyfriend: “I’ve got a friend who works at [cinema], and he said he saw you two on a double date.”

Me: “Well that’s funny, because we didn’t go to [cinema]. We went to [other cinema], instead.”

Boyfriend: “Why would you go there? [Cinema] is right next door to the bowling alley.”

Me: “Because we went back to hers for dinner first, and then went to [other cinema] as it’s cheaper and nearer.”

Boyfriend: “Oh… well he said he saw you.”

Me: “Couldn’t have been us.”

Boyfriend: “Fine, but if I found out you did cheat and then lied about it, I’ll dump you.”

Me: “I didn’t cheat.”

(Thankfully, no matter what my boyfriend did or said to my friend she never abandoned me like other people did. Eventually, thanks to her, I had the strength to not only dump him, but have him arrested for assault. He was later arrested for stalking too, which he did after we broke up.)

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