Dinner And A Loogie

| Working | May 5, 2013

(My husband and I are at the local theater. I grab a bag of pre-boxed popcorn from the display case, take a bite, and realize I’ve grabbed the wrong kind. Note: an employee is working the popcorn concession and watches me the whole time, as we’re the only customers there.)

Me: “I’m so sorry but I grabbed the wrong popcorn. I didn’t want the sweet kind. Unfortunately I’ve ready eaten some. Can you please throw it away for me? I’ll pay for it, of course, but I’d like to order the regular popcorn.”

Employee #1: “No problem! Here’s your regular popcorn. And there’s no charge for the other one. It was a mistake. Don’t worry about it.”

(She takes my already-eaten popcorn and sets it on the counter behind her. At this point, her coworker sees the eaten popcorn sitting on the counter.)

Employee #2: “Did the customer not want this? Should I put it back in the display?”

Employee #1: “Oh yeah, put it back.”

(They put my old popcorn—the one with my mouth germs on it—back in the display case for sale!)

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