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Diners Of The Corn, Part 2

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Our restaurant has recently started a “semi-prepared” service. Customers pick up a meal that’s 90% done and complete it at home. This means we can serve dishes that aren’t easy to transport, but it requires that the customers do some work themselves, so we have a “home chef helpline” in case they have questions.

Caller: “Hi. So sorry if this is a silly question, but I’m looking at your menu and I want to make sure I do all the steps I need to at home.”

Employee: “Almost everything on our menu only needs basic kitchen equipment, so I’m sure we can resolve that! Was there a specific item or technique you’re looking at?”

Caller: “I’m looking at [family-sized dish], and I saw on your website that we could substitute in corn on the cob but I didn’t see any instructions on what we need for the corn on the cob.”

Employee: “Good news: the corn on the cob is ready to go. There’s nothing you need to do at home except butter it.”

Caller: “Oh, good! I was worried you were just going to give me corn and I was going to have cob it myself.”

Employee: “You mean… cook… it yourself?”

Caller: “No, no, like… I’ve only ever had just regular corn, you know? So I don’t know how to get it onto the cob.”

Employee: “It’s already… corn is… you don’t… Our corn on the cob is already cooked and you don’t need to worry about that.”

Diners Of The Corn

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