Digging Your Nails In

| Right | July 24, 2017

(I book hotels for major hotel chains at a call centre. The customer phones in, and immediately the words I hear are:)

Caller: “Is this how you run a business?”

Me: “How is it I can assist you today, miss?”

Caller: “I have been sitting in this parking lot for 45 minutes waiting to check in! But the rooms aren’t ready, and I have no time to go get my nails done for my wedding tomorrow!”

(Glances at the clock.)

Me: “Excuse me, miss. I understand your frustration from the stress of planning a wedding; however, check in time isn’t until 3:00, and I’m showing it’s only 2:30 at that location. If you wanted to go get your nails done, and then come back, your room would be ready at that time.”

Caller: “I don’t have time for that now! They’ll be closing soon! It takes too long to f****** drive over there!”

Me: “Oh, how long does it usually take?”

Caller: “45 minutes!”

(When I asked why she hadn’t gone to get her nails done instead of sitting in the parking lot, she said “You expect me to drag my disabled parents all around town with me?!” Because apparently keeping them in a hot car waiting for us to check you in a room that isn’t really is a much better option.)

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