Digging For The Good News

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(My older sister calls, and we chat and catch up. I’m a first-year medical student; she’s an archaeologist.)

Sister: “Hey, [My Name]! How’ve you been?”

Me: “Pretty good! We just got a new round of dissection cadavers in, so the anatomy professor is super excited. His interest in cadavers would be really macabre if he wasn’t such a sweet, fuzzy little thing!”

Sister: “I remember you introducing me to him; he was really nice. Classes are going well?”

Me: “Yep, no problems so far. Oh, did I tell you I got that scholarship? It’s great; it’ll cover all of my tuition, plus medical insurance!”

Sister: “Dude, that’s frickin’ awesome! You should have opened with that! Instead, you opened with cadavers. Getting money is way better!”

Me: *laughing* “Fair enough! So, how’s your dig going?”

Sister: “Going great! We found the southern end of the foundation and a third body! The burial is really unique; we think the people might have come north and settled there because…”

(She spends the next ten minutes describing the site they’ve been excavating. After describing what makes the burial unique in exhaustive detail…)

Sister: “Oh, and did I tell you I got a promotion and a raise?”

(I couldn’t help it; I just started laughing hysterically. After stopping and thinking about it, she joined in. Nice to know we’re more alike than we thought!)

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