Who Has To Die For You To Leave Me Alone?

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(I am shopping with my mother for funeral attire since my father just passed away two days ago. We are quietly doing our own shopping on opposite sides of the store. Employees at this store must dress formally, while I am wearing a sweatshirt that reads “I Can’t Adult Today,” ripped jeans, and gym shoes. A random lady is watching me for a couple minutes, but I figure she’s just visually browsing the clothing behind me on the wall. I am checking out some black blouses when she approaches me.)

Customer: “That isn’t very appropriate, is it?”

Me: *glancing around* “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Your shirt!”

Me: “What about it?”

Customer: “It is not appropriate!”

Me: “Okay.” *turns to walk away to go browse elsewhere because this lady is freaking me out*

Customer: *following me* “I don’t think you should be wearing that at work!”

Me: “I don’t work here.”

Customer: “Sure, you don’t.”

Me: “No, I really don’t. Leave me alone.”

(I am a very blunt person, so I immediately turn my back to her and go on shopping.)

Customer: *holding a shirt literally inches from my face* “Well, do you at least have this in a size medium?”

Me: “Listen, lady. I do not work here. I never have worked here. I never will work here. I am 22 years old; all the employees here are at least 40 years old. I work in a hospital, and I am trying to find a dress for my father’s funeral. Leave. Me. Alone!”

(The customer’s face turned red and she scurried away.)

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