Didn’t Register The Order

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(I drop into the very small department store up the road to get bread and things for lunch. I have about six items total by the time I get to the register. I am third in line. There seems to be some problem with the credit card reader for the person being served. The cashier tries a few things, but something is clearly amiss. I hear someone behind me say, “Excuse me,” but as I am blocking nothing, I do not realize they are speaking to me. I am casually watching the payment drama ahead of me.)

Lady: *louder now* “Excuse me!”

(I turn and see a woman with one item in her hand. She is clearly trying to push past me.)

Lady: “I just need to ask him something.”

(I step to the side.)

Lady: *to cashier* “Excuse me. Excuse me!”

(The cashier is clearly busy and still talking to the lady trying to pay.)

Lady: “Excuse me!”

Cashier: “Just a minute.”

(The payment finally goes through and the cashier looks up to answer the impatient woman.)

Cashier: “Yes?”

Lady: “Is the other register open?”

(There are only two registers in this store. We can all see the other register from where we are standing. We can clearly see there is no one standing by it.)

Cashier: “No. He is on break.”

(The lady looks at the counter, but it is covered with the items being purchased by the person in front of me. I deliberately step forward slightly so that she cannot step between that customer and me. The cashier quickly scans the next customer’s purchases. There is no further problem with the card reader now, and it is my turn. I put my items down and the cashier begins to scan my things.)

Lady: “You could have let me go ahead of you.”

Me: “Yes, I certainly could have.”

(I paid for my things and left.)

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