Didn’t Read Too Much Into It

, , | Right | July 20, 2018

(This story takes place after the store I work at has been upgraded to a bigger store. I am stocking the shelves with a coworker when a gentleman approaches me with the store leaflet in his hand.)

Customer: “Hi, I am looking for [Soy Sauce Brand].”

Me: “I am terribly sorry, sir, but it seems like we haven’t got that in stock at our store. I am sure there is another store that will have it in stock, though. Should I check for you?”

Customer: “What do you mean you haven’t gotten it in stock? You are supposed to have it in stock!”

Me: “Unfortunately, not all stores get the same items, sir.”

(In Denmark, we have a countrywide organisation who deals with complaints from customers, something everyone is aware of. He then decides to say the following.)

Customer: “This is misleading advertising. I am going to complain to [Complaint Agency], and everyone will know that you scam people.”

Me: “You are welcome to do that, but it clearly says on the leaflet that not all stores carry certain items.”

Customer: “No, it doesn’t. I have read it several times, and nowhere does it say that.”

(I have had enough. I take my own leaflet from my back pocket, turn to the very last page, and point it out to the customer. Sure enough, it says, “Not all stores carry all the items displayed in this leaflet.” The customer turns purple-ish red, turns around on the spot, and leaves in a hurry.)

Coworker: “Did that really just happen?”

Me: “Yep. Some people just will not read the entire leaflet.”

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