Didn’t Read The Small Print ‘Once’

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(What some people don’t realize is that if you look at the fine print of coupons, it will tell you how many of that coupon you can use per purchase. Many people overlook this and try to use as many as the can to pay basically nothing for a little more pricey items like medicine. I’ve noticed the same group of customers doing this every time medicine in my store goes on sale. My managers start telling us to look over the coupons if customers have multiple of the same item. Today I decided to let them know we are on to what they are doing.)

Me: *scanning the last of the cold medicine* “Okay, your total is now [price].”

Customer: “Oh, I have coupons.” *hands over a stack of coupons*

(I am on an express lane and even though she only has sixteen items, one over the amount allowed on the line, the customers behind her groan at the sight of the coupons.)

Me: *starts reading the coupons to see which can be used* “Okay, it looks like you can only use multiples of this coupon for [Item #1]. The rest you can only use one.”

Customer: “But I have four of each and have four coupons for them. I should be able to use all of them!”

Me: “If you look at the bottom it says you can only use one per purchase. The others say the limit is one, while the coupons for [Item #1] can have four be used in one purchase.” *shows her the small print on each*

Customer: “Right, per purchase. Meaning I can use four in this one.”

Me: “Ma’am, it says clearly you can only use one. If not, you would be paying a few cents for four boxes of medicine.”

Customer: “What do you know?! Just scan my coupons!”

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

Customer: “I want your manager, now!”

(It is a busy afternoon and she won’t hear anything till I get a manager. I flash my light and a manager comes over. Now, mind you, he is a really nice guy but can be stern when customers try something like this, and always gets frustrated when they just leave after we refuse to scan them all.)

Manager: “What’s wrong?”

Customer: “She is refusing to scan my coupons! I have four for each and the right amount of items!”

Manager: *sighs, too tired to deal with her* “Ma’am, it says clearly in the coupons you can’t use it. You have a long line behind you and my cashier has told you already that we can’t scan them. We’re tired of having people come in and try to pay next to nothing for items. Now, either accept that fact and pay, or let me void the transaction and leave.”

(The look on her face when he denied her the coupons was hilarious. My manager voided her order per her request and she only bought the item with the multiple coupons that were allowed. After she paid, I quickly went through my line and was finally allowed to take my hour-delayed break. I later found out she went to one of the owners of the store and complained, but they just repeated to her what both I and my manager said. I hope this helps some people realize that you really need to read your coupons. The print is there for a reason, after all.)

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