Didn’t Panhandle That Very Well

| Portland, OR, USA | Friendly | June 15, 2016

(In my city, we have a newspaper that some homeless people sell on street corners instead of panhandling. I rarely buy the paper because it’s not usually interesting, but I’m always happy to see somebody trying to earn money instead of expecting it to be given to them. In this situation, I’m walking by one of the newspaper sellers on my way to work while wearing my work uniform.)

Seller: *walking toward me* “[Newspaper], $1.”

Me: *shakes my head to indicate I don’t want one*

Seller: “I work just as hard as you, b****!”

(I continue walking because I’m not in the mood to deal with him when I hear another guy speak up behind me:)

Stranger: “You may work just as hard, and it’s very respectable that you’re doing better than panhandling like them.”

(I assume she is talking about the other homeless people who were nearby but I only hear this interaction behind me, so I do not know for sure.)

Stranger: “But that doesn’t obligate her or anybody to buy your paper. And I was coming over to buy one, but after that outburst I think I’ll buy it from somebody else.”

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