Didn’t Manage The Situation Too Well

| Working | March 24, 2014

(I am the shift manager during the day shift. We are well known for our chips and dip, but it is pretty rare knowledge that if you spend more than $10 for take-out the chips and dip are free. My friends and I are having a girls’ night in and decide to get take-out from the restaurant. I stop into the branch I work in on my way home. I approach a coworker who I have seen a few times, but since we don’t work the same shift, I don’t really know him.)

Coworker: “Hi, honey. What can I get for you?”

Me: “Hi. I’d like two #3’s and a #1 for take-out, please.”

Coworker: “Oh, I’m sorry, honey.  I can’t take your take-out order here, but if you go stand over by the podium, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

(I know that this is only policy if and when we are really busy, which wasn’t the case, but I figure that when he was in training they just told him to always send take-out orders to the podium. So, I don’t say anything and head over there. After waiting about five minutes, he finally comes by.)

Coworker: “Gee, I’m sorry about the wait, missy. What was your order again?”

Me: *getting a bit annoyed* “No worries. I would like two #3s and a #1, for take-out, please.”

Coworker: “Alrighty, two #3s and a #1 coming right up. It should be ready in about 10-15.”

(After about ten minutes of standing around, I decide to go sit at the bar while I wait, since it’s not very crowded. From the bar I can see the kitchen door and the podium.)

Coworker: *finally comes out of the kitchen after about another 10 minutes, carrying a bag of what I hoped was my food* “Oh, there you are, sweetie. I’ve been looking all over for you these past ten minutes. Here’s your order.” *winking* “I even threw in a bag of chips and dip, on me, for all the trouble.”

(He hands me the bill, which comes to $25, and I realize that he is trying to scam a large tip from me. I pay by credit card, give him a $0.05 tip, and write him a little note.)

My Note: “Look up my name on the schedule.”

(Two days later he is moved to the day shift and, after recognizing me, pales when he sees me in manager’s blue! He didn’t last too long.)

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