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Didn’t Hear It, I Swear

, | Working | April 20, 2017

(The phone rings, and one of our field workers’ names flashes on my screen. I take the call.)

Me: “Hello.”

Colleague: *talking to someone else* “…doing f*** all. [My Name]! Sorry! Can I speak to [Office Worker]?”

Me: *laughing* “Sure, one second.”

(I transfer the call and hang up. He calls back ten minutes later to speak to someone else.)

Me: “Hello.”

Colleague: “Hi, [My Name]. I won’t swear at you this time. Did you hear that?”

Me: “Yes, just the curse. Nothing else.” *laughs again* “Hasn’t been the first time: won’t be the last!”

Colleague: “I do apologise!”

(I transferred him again, but he sounded so embarrassed that it brightened up my Friday afternoon!)

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