Didn’t Get Good Jeans From Her Mother

| Related | February 4, 2013

(I refuse to buy cheap jeans because they wear out too quickly to be worth it. My mom often makes fun of me for this, especially since I have refused to try on any of the jeans at this store, despite how ‘cute’ she thinks they are. I come out, modelling a shirt.)

Mom: “That’s a great shirt on you! And those jeans are amazong!”

Me: “I know, right? These are incredible jeans, and comfy to boot!”

Mom: “See, I told you you’d like them! And they’re so cheap! Weren’t they only $15 a pair? You should go grab some more!”

Me: “Oh, no. These were a hundred dollars! They’re the jeans I walked in with.”

(My mom’s smile is quickly replaced with an annoyed expression.)

Mom: “You turkey! Get back in there and finish trying on clothes!”

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