Didn’t Get A Good Reading On The Coupon

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A customer has ordered and paid online through corporate. We cannot edit or control the online orders or payments aside from issuing a full refund. This means that the order is placed and pops up on our printer, we make it, and the customer picks it up.

Me: “All righty, here is your food. And if you’d just sign this receipt to show that you have picked it up, we’ll be all set!”

The customer pulls a small cardboard coupon from one of our boxes out of her pocket.

Customer: “I wanna use this.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but your card has already been charged through the online system, which I don’t have access to. And that particular coupon can be used next time if you place an order in-store or dine in.”

Customer: *Snapping* “What do you mean, I can’t use it online?”

She throws the coupon on the counter in front of me.

Customer: “Then why’s it say, ‘online’?!”

I calmly pick it up and hold it out so that we can both see it. Then, I read aloud.

Me: “Save $2 on any [item] ordered in-store or dine in. Terms and exclusions apply. Not to be used with any other offer.”

I smile politely and hand it back.

Customer: “Oh.”

Me: “It can be saved for next time; there is no expiration on it. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

She glared at me and gathered her food and quickly left. I later pulled the order back up to take another look: she had already used a $5 off coupon when she placed the order.

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