Didn’t Even Dress It Up In A New Jacket

, , , | Right | April 26, 2020

Customer: “Do you have this jacket in navy?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry, that one only came in black. I do have this jacket — it’s a similar cut — in navy, though?”

The customer is not interested and walks away. A coworker comes over and we start discussing merchandise moves we need to make over the next couple days. I haven’t moved an inch, and it hasn’t even been three minutes when the same customer comes over, stands next to me, and — ignoring me completely — asks my coworker if we have that same jacket in navy.  

Coworker: “No, we only got that one in black, sorry.”

My coworker offers the exact same alternative jacket.

Coworker: “This jacket comes in navy, and is a similar cut, though?”

Not the first — or last — time a customer has asked the same question of multiple employees, but the least subtle one I’ve had in a while.

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