Didn’t Drink This One Through

| Working | August 15, 2014

(This particular sandwich restaurant has a $6 meal combo which includes a sandwich, small drink, and cookie. Separately, a sandwich and cookie come to $6.50. As a poor University student I’m trying to save money any way possible, so I usually get the combo. However, this day I already had a drink with me and didn’t need another one.)

Me: “I’ll have the sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie please.”

Cashier: “That comes to $6.50. Would you like to upgrade to the $6 combo and get a small drink for 50 cents less?”

Me: “I only want the sandwich and cookie, but can I get the deal and just not have the drink?”

Cashier: “No, you have to pay $6.50 if you’re not getting the drink.”

Me: “Well, I’ll take the deal then and just ‘forget’ the cup.”

Cashier: *getting frustrated* “No, you must take the cup and have a drink if you get the deal.”

Me: “Fine. I’ll take the drink.”

(The cashier hands me a small cup and straw.)

Cashier: “That’s $6 please.”

(Immediately after I paid I turned around and put the empty cup and straw in the bin next to me and walked off with the rest of my meal. He looked furious!)

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