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Didn’t Do This In Order

, , , | Right | March 8, 2021

I am the customer and the person in the wrong in this story. It is around 8:00 pm on a rainy, late January day, and I stop by a well-known ice cream chain for their signature dish, choosing to use their drive-thru option. 

It is worth noting that this particular location’s drive-thru used to function by having the customer order, pay, and receive their food all at the same window. This method has been changed by adding a speaker at the menu board, and I am unaware of the change, so I wait in line until I get to the window and the server asks for payment.

Me: “Umm… I somehow forgot to order. I am so sorry!”

Server: “No problem, that’s okay! What can I get for you?”

I order, tripping over my tongue in my embarrassment, pay, apologize again, and wait for my food in awkward silence.

A minute later, the server opens the window and passes through my food.

Me: “Again, I am so, so sorry for this.”

Server: *Laughing* “It’s all right, man. Have a good evening.”

I rolled up my window and drove home, berating myself for my buffoonery the whole way. To the server who handled my mishap with such tact, thank you so much, and I hope the rest of your shift went without any more idiots like myself messing up the drive-thru line. You probably got some good laughs out of that!

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