Did You Miss The Rapture?

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It’s a dreary Tuesday in South Wales. My wife and I are looking around the local town, and, having had a big breakfast, go for a late lunch at half-past two. We choose a chain pizza restaurant, known for its “express” service, as we have a 50% off coupon. They’re not busy, but it takes five minutes or so to find a host to seat us.

Ten minutes pass. Fifteen. A waitress finally arrives to take our order. Ten more minutes. I can see our drinks waiting on the bar, no staff around, so I stand up and take them back to our table.

Another ten minutes pass. I manage to flag down a waitress from another section who promises to follow up on our order. She returns almost immediately with our order, which has obviously been sitting under the heat lamp for a while. Too hungry and British to complain about it, we dig in, resigning ourselves to the fact we’ll definitely not be able to order any more drinks to go with it.

We don’t see any more staff for the rest of the meal. Diners from other sections of the restaurant walk past us on their way out, until we’re the only people left.

Twenty minutes since we’ve seen anyone, I get up to look for someone. The place is deserted. There’s not even anyone in the kitchen.

We wait another quarter of an hour, then decide to leave. We’ve got to get ready for an evening trip to the theatre, for one. So, we get up, put our coats on, and have one last check around to see if anyone wants to take our payment. Doesn’t look like it. We don’t have any cash on us, other than change.

Given the poor service and mediocre food, we don’t feel too bad about leaving. I wonder if anyone even realised when they got back to work that we’d gone?

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