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Did The Dog A Treat

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Many years ago, our old dog needed total hip replacement surgery due to hip dysplasia. However, he needed to lose a fair amount of weight before the vet would do the surgery. We cut down his food to a ridiculously small amount in order to help him lose weight because exercise was too painful for him.

The dog was super friendly and loved to wander and visit the neighbours. My mum had to visit every single house in our street and ask if our dog visited them, and ask them, if he did, to please not feed him because he needed surgery. Most of the neighbours were understanding, if a little upset that they couldn’t give him treats anymore.

One set of neighbours, in particular, were sad they couldn’t give him [biscuits] because they were his favourite. Mum told them they would have to eat them instead because he really needed to lose weight.

They told her that they didn’t like [biscuits] at all; they only bought them for the dog because they had tested him with everything and figured out he liked them best.

He lost weight very quickly and the surgery was a success. Those neighbours continued to buy [biscuits] especially for him right up until he passed away a few years ago.

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