Did Not Pass With Flying Colors

| Romantic | July 10, 2013

(I am going on a first date with a guy from my school. He is in a fraternity, and we knew him in the coffee shop where I worked as the ‘Easter Egg Guy’. This is because he is always wearing pastel colors that usually clash. He is, however, very friendly. I have been enjoying the date so far.)

My Date: “So, are you a Sophomore?”

Me: “I’m actually a Junior.”

My Date: “Ah, I’m sorry. I live off campus, so I don’t see much of people.”

Me: “It’s alright! We know you at the coffee shop, but otherwise I haven’t seen much of you either.”

My Date: “You all know me? Why’s that?”

Me: “Well, you wear a lot of really bright colors, and it stands out. I think it’s neat.”

My Date: “Bright colors? Do… do they match?”

Me: “Well… not always, honestly, no. But I mean, wear what makes you comfortable—”

My Date: “Oh, no.”

Me: “It’s really okay!”

My Date: “No, it’s just that I’m color blind.”

Me: “…oh.”

My Date: “And my ex-girlfriend used to pick out my clothes.”

Me: “…oh.”

My Date: “…yeah.”

(Luckily, we’re still friends today, even if the date ended on an unfathomably awkward note. I still feel bad!)

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