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Did Not Pass With Flying Colors

, , , , , | Working | August 27, 2019

(I am checking out groceries at a local supermarket. It is early in the morning so there is no one behind me, so I decide to chat with the cashier. I have naturally curly hair that I’ve bleached and dyed a vivid purple colour.)

Me: “I love your nails; great colour choice!”

Cashier: “Thanks! I decided on the colours, even though it took me ages; too many choices!”

Me: “Well, they’re bold and beautiful. Good choice.”

Cashier: “Yeah, there was an older lady getting a pedicure across from me and she looked over at my nails and scoffed at them…”

Me: “Oh, no. Really?”

Cashier: “Yeah, she said that those colours don’t belong outside of primary school children! Can you believe it?!”

Me: “Well, some people are a bit judgmental, not that I can talk!”

(I motion to my vivid, purple, and curly hair. The cashier visibly scrunches up her nose in a look of disgust.)

Cashier: “Well, purple is a hideous colour.” *sighs heavily* “But I guess we have to be accepting of other people and their choices, right?”

(I had no idea how to respond to that. Her nails were multi-coloured, sparkly explosions, but she had an issue with my hair?)

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