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Did I ASK For A Consultation?

, , , , | Working | October 8, 2021

I was hired to a firm after some rigorous testing. They were first going to hire me as a consultant through another firm, but after seeing my test results, they decided that they wanted me to be hired directly to the company, which I agreed to.

As I was still getting used to my new job, I was called in for a meeting together with everyone else who was employed by the company; consultants were not allowed to attend. I was putting my things in drawers at my desk while my coworker waited to show me to the meeting room when the head of a neighbouring department came by.

Department Head: “Where are you going?”

Me: “To the meeting with everyone else.”

Department Head: “That is not for you.”

Me: “I was invited, though; they said everyone should be there.”

Department Head: “It is not for consultants.”

Me: “I am not a consultant.”

Department Head: “Yes, you are. You are hired as a consultant.”

Me: “No, I’m hired directly by [Company].”

Department Head: “No, you are hired here through [Consultant Firm] as a consultant.”

Me: “I was recruited through them, yes, but my contract is with [Company] and I am hired by the company directly.”

Department Head: “No, you are not. You are a consultant. You’ve misread your contract.”

Considering he wasn’t my boss and not the head of Human Resources, I doubt he had ever even seen my contract.

Coworker: “She is supposed to be at the meeting. Our boss asked me to help her to it.”

He finally let us leave but followed us to the meeting, and I saw him talk to my boss. After that, he barely ever spoke to me again unless he absolutely had to.

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