They Diaper Change So Fast

, , , | Related | March 29, 2018

(My entire family is at my Grandma’s house celebrating my cousin’s eighth birthday. My cousin doesn’t have any cousins her age, but she has taken a shining to my son, who is two. She wants to play with him and have a typical “cousin” relationship with him. While there, he needs a diaper change, and since I’m not sure if my aunt and uncle have had “the talk” with her about the differences between boys and girls, I find an empty bedroom to change him. As I come out, she finds me.)

Cousin: “What were you doing in there?”

Me: “I was just changing [Son]’s diaper. You guys can go back to playing.”

Cousin: *pouting* “You should have let me help!”

Me: “Changing diapers isn’t really all that fun. It’s stinky. Why do you want to help?”

Cousin: “Because I need to learn how!”

Me: “Why do you need to learn how?”

Cousin: *with dramatic eye roll and arms cross* “Because I’m eight now, and that’s like, almost twelve, and then I’ll babysit him! And he will need diaper changes! Duh!”

(She then ran off to play with my son. I didn’t have the heart to mention to her that he will be out of diapers before she can babysit him.)

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