Diamond In The VERY Rough

, , , | Right | January 5, 2019

(I work in jewelry in a department store. A man has come in to pick up a ring we ordered for him from the warehouse. I bring it out for him, along with our log book of shipping orders.)

Me: “If you could just sign here in the log, please.”

Customer: *sternly* “Could I try it on, first?”

Me: *a bit surprised by his tone* “Certainly, sir. The signature is just to say you came in to receive it; it’s already been paid for. If there’s an issue with it, we can take care of that, of course.”

(He tries it on, staring at it with pursed lips, and finally sniffs haughtily.)

Customer: “I guess that’s all right… for the price.”

Me: *after boxing and bagging his ring and receipt, I hand it to him* “There you go, sir!”

Customer: *again looking stern* “Can I get some paperwork on these diamonds?”

(Keep in mind, this is a stainless steel ring set with four tiny diamonds of the absolute lowest clarity, which altogether make up 1/10th of a carat. If they were any smaller, they wouldn’t have even bothered listing the carat weight.)

Me: “Um, I’m sorry, sir, but these diamonds aren’t certified.”

Customer: “I don’t need a certificate; I just want a paper that verifies these diamonds.”

Me: *while thinking, “That’s what a certificate IS!”* “Again, I’m sorry, sir, but only a few of our diamonds come with paperwork. They have to be officially certified to have that. All our other diamonds have approximate measures.”

Customer: *looking down his nose at me* “You’re not understanding; I don’t need a certificate. All I want is an official paper from you stating that these are diamonds, and how big they are. What if I take this ring to a pawnshop, and I need to prove that these are really diamonds? That’s the kind of verification I need.”

Me: “Well, it’s printed on the tag?”

Customer: “That’s too small. It doesn’t count.”

Me: “And you have your receipt.”

Customer: “Is the carat weight on there?”

(I check; it’s not. He’s still staring at me expectantly.)

Me: “Well, you can also pull up the ring information from the store’s website, and print that out.”

Customer: “Can’t you do it here?”

Me: “Sorry, sir, but my register only has a receipt printer.”

(He finally left after I told him I would ask my coworker, who sold him the ring and has been working here longer, if he had a better solution, and we would give him a call. We didn’t hear back from him, so hopefully, he figured out how to get his “paperwork” printed. Never have I seen someone try to throw their weight around over four tiny diamond chips in a $150 ring!)

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