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Dialog Boxes Are Forever

, , , , | Right | August 3, 2009

(I’m at the library checking my email when another patron seated next to me taps me on the shoulder.)

Patron: “Excuse me, I’m trying to get into email, but something pops up, I click ‘No,’ and all I get is a blank page.”

Me: “Have you tried clicking ‘Yes’?”

Patron: “Why would I do that?”

Me: “Well, if it’s asking if you want to continue, you should click ‘Yes.'”

Patron: *tries again* “It just brings up the blank page again!”

Me: “Did you click ‘Yes’ to continue?”

Patron: “No, I clicked ‘No.'”

Me: “Why did you click ‘No’? I told you to click ‘Yes.'”

Patron: *tries again* “Okay, do I click ‘No’?”

Me: “You click on ‘Yes’!”

(Not surprisingly, she clicks on ‘No.’ She does this several times as other library patrons who overhear us begin to laugh.)

Patron: “Okay, so I get this message–”

(This time, I seize her mouse before she can do anything and click ‘Yes.’ Her email pops up.)

Patron: “Oh, it works now! That’s funny. Thank you!”

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