Dialed Home The Message

| Learning | January 21, 2015

(It is the first day of the classroom portion of driver’s ed. Since the class takes place during the summer, not many people are paying attention. The teacher is going over the class syllabus and is talking about the cell phone policy.)

Teacher: “I do not want to see ANYONE using their phones during class. You shouldn’t be using your phones while you’re driving, and you shouldn’t be using them when learning about driving. If I see a phone out during class…”

(The teacher pauses and takes his cell phone, which is a flip phone, out of his pocket. He then throws his phone across the room, where it lands on the floor and breaks in half. This causes multiple students who weren’t paying attention to look at him in disbelief.)

Student: “Holy s***!”

Teacher: “Don’t like it? Then don’t take out your phone.”

(We didn’t have a single issue with cell phone usage!)

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