Dial Down The Tech Speak

| Friendly | August 1, 2014

(I’m a bit of a tech-head, and because I’m studying IT I’m used to spending time around people who know basic IT terminology. I’m at a friend’s house with another one of her friends who I don’t know so well, and my friend is trying to talk her into staying the night so she doesn’t have to drive home at 2 am.)

Friend: “Come on, I’ve got a spare bed! I’m worried about you driving home. You live 30 minutes away.”

Acquaintance: “But I don’t have my phone charger!” *jokingly* “If the rest of you had iPhones then it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Me: *also joking* “Well, maybe you should get an Android phone then. They all come with micro-USBs.”

(She just looks at me and blinks.)

Acquaintance: “I… have no idea what you just said. Was that supposed to sound like English?”

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