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Devilishly Delicious

, , , , | Working | July 2, 2019

(I go to a fast food place with a coupon for a discount on my favourite combo.)

Me: “I have this coupon for a $5.49 combo. I’ll have the [burger] combo, upsize the fries.”

Cashier: “[Burger] combo with coupon, upsize the fries. Your total is–”

(The cashier then visibly pales, her eyes bug out, and she crosses herself. The total, after tax, has come to exactly $6.66.)

Cashier: “Get out of here! I will not serve the devil! This is the devil’s order!”

(The cashier then stormed away, and the manager, trying not to laugh herself silly, completed my order without incident. It was one h*** of a good meal.)

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