Devil May Call

| Romantic | September 9, 2012

(I join an online dating site. A guy emails me, after paying $20 to get my email address from the site. Thinking nothing would come of it, I send him my cell phone number, resigning to the, ‘If he’s creepy, I’ll just ignore him’ attitude. He calls me a few days later.)

Me: “Hello?”

Him: “Hello, is this [name]?”

Me: “Yes.” *slight pause* “Who is this?”

Him: “This is [name], from [website].”

Me: *flustered a bit* “Oh, hi! Um…can you hang on a minute, I need to pause my game. I’m about to die.”

Him: “What are you playing?”

Me: “My assassin on Diablo II.”

Him: *slight pause* “I love you…”

(We met face to face at a local coffee shop the next day and it’s been nerd love ever since. We’re now married, together almost 9 years, with 2 kids and, yes, we play Diablo III together now.)

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