Destined To Be Fools

| Friendly | June 24, 2015

(I am watching my sister play ‘Destiny’ online. She gets booted off at least three times and I think our Internet is going crazy, so she starts to cry. I tell her I’d do the raid and finish it for her, and get invited back from one of the members of the fire-team doing the raid. Upon putting the headset on, at least three of them are actually picking on her.)

Ignorant Person #1: “Ugh, this a**-hole again. Why’d you keep inviting him back? We don’t need him.”

Ignorant Person #2: “F*** this a**-hole, this f***** mother-f*****.”

Good Member: “He already knows how to do this raid.”

Ignorant Person #3: “F****** kick him out, f****** ‘don’t-have-a-mic.’ We know you can f****** hear us you f****** f**.”

(At this point I realized why they kept kicking out my sister off the raid. I turn on my mic to take a stand for my sister.)

Me: “You a**-holes, f****** shut your p***y-lips. Obviously we can f****** hear you. The reason why my sister isn’t talking is because she’s mute. Stop being such f****** ignorant a**-holes just because someone isn’t talking in the party.”

(It is quiet for about five seconds.)

Ignorant Person #3: “If she’s f****** mute why’d she f****** play this game in the first place?!”

(All the other members reacted to his stupidity and kicked him out, the other two ignorant members apologized, and we finally got to finish the game. An hour later after finishing the game, my sister got a message from one of the members who bad-mouthed her before, giving her his deep apologies.)

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