Dessert Dishes And Just Deserts

| Romantic | February 24, 2015

(I have anxiety and having a messy home sets it off. This means that I’m usually the one who does the cleaning around the house, because my fiancé has ADD and forgets to do it. We’re currently in a sort of standoff over the dishes in the sink.)

Me: *sitting on the couch eating ice cream for breakfast with a plastic spoon*

Fiancé: “Really?”

Me: “What?”

Fiancé: “The plastic spoon?”

Me: “Well, you haven’t done the dishes.”

Fiancé: “So this is your plan, to just use plastic spoons until I do them?”

Me: *takes another bite* “Yes.”

Fiancé: “Okay, then.” *gets up and goes in the kitchen, coming back with his own ice cream and a FORK*

Me: “Really? You’re making fun of me for using a plastic spoon, but you have a fork?”

Fiancé: “A fork works!”

Me: “So does a plastic spoon!”

(We pause while we eat our ice cream.)

Me: “This is such an adult breakfast. Ice cream. I was gonna make eggs, but there are no dishes.”

Fiancé: “Yeah, me too. I didn’t want to wash the pan.”

Me: “Are you ever going to do them, because I’m not this time.”

Fiancé: “In a bit.”

Me: “What’s a bit, twenty minutes or twenty days?”

Fiancé: “I haven’t decided yet.”

(If he doesn’t do them soon, I’m probably going to cave. I’m worried they’ll grow legs and walk off.)

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