Despicable Wee

| Learning | November 24, 2013

(I’m on a school trip at the Museum of Natural History. There’s a much younger group of students from a different school there, too, so I overhear the following conversation between two kids.)

Kid #1: “Oh my god! [Kid #2], look!”

(Kid #1 points at a Greek carving of a man that shows his you-know-what.)

Kid #2: “Wow! Now that’s just despicable! Despicable!”

(Their teacher comes over to see what the fuss is about.)

Teacher: “Hey, what’s the problem?”

Kid #1: “Look! It’s showing a dangly thing!” *points to the carving*

Kid #1: “It’s despicable!”

Teacher: “…Congratulations, you have just found a man’s nuts. Now let’s move on…”

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