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Designer Profits

, , , , , | Right | November 4, 2020

I’m an artist, and I’m making custom laser-printed keychains. I charge anywhere from $4 to $7 per keychain, plus shipping, which depends on how many you order. I get an email from a customer wanting to order.

Customer: “I want [design]. I can send you $3 for it.”

I laugh. The design in question is actually one of my more expensive ones since it’s got a longer print time.

Me: “Hi there! [Design] is actually $7, as well as $3 for shipping.”

A little later, I get a reply.

Customer: “I will only pay $3.”

Me: “I cannot make and ship your order for $3, unfortunately. The shipping cost is what I pay at the post office, which is why it’s charged separately.”

Customer: “You get the wood cheap, anyway. $3 or nothing.”

Me: “I actually pay a fair amount for the wood. Doing any order for the amount you’re wanting to pay would result in a net loss for me.”

Customer: “You’ve lost a sale. That’s bad business.”

I’m not quite sure how doing essentially free work for a stranger is bad business, but at least they left me alone.

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