Designed For Failure

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I am looking for a photography job, and I find a job posting by a realty company for a camera operator. The description for the position involves photography, videography, and editing, which is perfect for me as I am experienced in those areas. A couple of days after applying, my husband and I are talking with a friend, who is also our realtor. I mention the job I applied for, and the realtor gives me the phone number of the realtor/owner of the company, who he personally knows.

I connect with him over text, and we exchange a few messages.

Owner: “Can you tell me about your experience with design?”

Me: “I’ve used [program] to lay out pages for magazines, newspapers, etc. But can you specify what kind of design you mean?”

“Design” could mean anything: logos, graphics, 3D animation, etc. He then lists two Adobe programs and does not clarify further. I respond that I am not a graphic designer — nor does it mention in my resume anywhere that I have experience with design, just photography and videography — and he doesn’t respond.

I re-read the job listing, thinking I must have not read it very carefully, but nowhere in the listing did it say anything about design or graphic design! If you’re hiring, be specific about what you’re looking for!

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