Depositing Their Plan

, , , | Right | September 4, 2018

(I am a checkout clerk at a locally-owned grocery store. There are only a few stores in our small state, and one in a neighboring state. This week our stores have a sale on bottled water: three 24-bottle cases for $9. Our state also has a 5¢ deposit on all water bottles. This is an exchange I have with a college student.)

Customer: “I thought the bottles were three for $9?”

Me: “They are, plus a 5¢ deposit for each bottle, so they come to $9 + $3.60 of bottle deposit — which you get back once you recycle the bottles — bringing your title to $12.60.”

Customer: “Do all of your stores have this sale? Even the one in [Neighboring State]?”

Me: “Yes, they do.”

Customer: “Do you know if they have a deposit on water bottles?”

Me: “I don’t believe so.”

Customer: “Okay, cancel my order. I am too lazy and cheap to come back, and spend the money on a deposit.” *laughs*

(But apparently he wasn’t too cheap or lazy to spend the money on gas and drive to the next state over and back.)

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