Depositing Some Colorful Truths

, , | Right | January 18, 2019

(I’m a front desk agent at a hotel and am a young, white woman. A guest comes to check in, and he is a black man. It is our company policy to ask for a security deposit that will be blocked on the guest’s credit card and covers the room rate — if not paid yet — and any incidentals until the checkout. I explain this to the guest, but he is not having it and doesn’t want to leave anything.)

Guest: “I have never heard of a policy like that, and I stay in hotels all around the world!”

Me: “All of the hotels in our company have this policy, and so do a lot of other international hotels. I am very sorry, but I am not able to check you in without a security deposit.”

Guest: *screaming so all other guests can hear him* “You are only asking me for all that money because I am black! You are being racist!”

Me: “Actually, it’s because last time you left without paying.”

(He paid, both the deposit and his last stay’s bill.)

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