Denying Them Cigarettes Seems Like It’s Doing Them A Favor

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I am shopping when I witness a middle-aged woman purchasing various things, including cigarettes, for a grand total of about 140kr (about $16). Her card has been denied once as I enter. I walk behind her at the back of the line.

Customer: “I know I have 300kr on my card! Stop taking my money!”

She enters her PIN again.

Employee #1: “No money was taken; it was denied.”

Customer: “Denied again! I told you to stop taking my money!”

Employee #1: “Again, none was taken because it was denied.”

Customer: “Fine! I’ll go home and get some, then. Can I borrow the cigs in the meanwhile?”

Employee #1: “As you have not purchased them, no, you cannot take them.”

Customer: “Well, all right! I’ll be back soon; keep the stuff here!”

The customer walks off. [Employee #1] turns to [Employee #2].

Employee #2: “Think she’ll be back?”

Employee #1: “Nope.”

Three minutes later, she returns.

Customer: “I’ll just get the cigs, then. I should have enough for that!”

Employee #1: *To [Employee #2]* “Take her at the other till.”

[Employee #2] starts helping her.

Customer: “Green button again?!”

Employee #2: “Yes, enter your PIN and press green.”

Customer: *Half-sobs* “What does it want now?!”

Employee #2: “It wants you to authorize the amount.”

She presses green and gets denied.

Customer: “What the h***?! I knew you guys took it out! I want my receipts!”

Employee #2: “There are none.”

Customer: “There has to be! Gimme them!

Employee: “As no transaction occurred, there is no receipt to print and as such, we cannot give you any.”

Customer: “Come on! Anyone! It is just 50kr! Help me out with 50 kr!” *Half-crying* “FINE! I’ll just borrow these!” *Grabs the cigs*

Employee #2: “You cannot take those; that’ll be theft. Come back when you’ve sorted this out with your bank.”

The customer walks out after handing back the cigs.

Me: “She was either on something or withdrawal from something.”

Employees: “Mmhmm.”

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