Demons And Spiders And Bears, Oh My

| Romantic | December 4, 2015

(My boyfriend and I are both very open minded. Because of this, I tend to ask weird questions that are just plain silly, and sometimes offensive if heard by someone not so open minded.)

Me: “Teddy bear, would you still love me if I had a tail?”

Boyfriend: “Of course.”

Me: “Would you still love me if I were a vampire?”

Boyfriend: “Only if you loved me as a werewolf, my love.”

Me: “Of course I would. Though, would you love me if I were an elf?”

Boyfriend: “Only if you still loved me as an Orc.”

(This goes on over the course of a few months, at least. I’m a very curious individual, and ask almost everything that pops in my head. This includes asking religious related questions, mainly demons and spirits. Note that my boyfriend use to be extremely Catholic.)

Me: “Dear, would you still love me if I were a demon?”

Boyfriend: *without a moment of hesitation* “Yes.”

Me: “What if our children were demons?”

Boyfriend: “I’d love them just the same.”

Me: *after awhile of thinking* “Would you still love me if I were a spider?”

Boyfriend: “I’d still love you, but I’d keep my distance.”

(Hilariously, this is the first time he said anything besides yes or of course. Who knew spiders were where he’d draw the line of creepy?)

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