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(A client calls in wanting a demo ASAP, at a time that we are super busy and I’m booking dates months in advance. I manage to find a date on short notice but it has to be morning so the engineer can miss a 300-mile drive at rush hour.)

Me: “I’m ringing about the demo next week. I messaged you about finishing before 1:00 pm?”

Customer: “No, that is unacceptable, and I will not be attending. This has been booked for four weeks and suddenly, you’re changing it!

Me: “I’m sorry but we booked this last week, and two days later, I informed you that we would need it to be in the morning.”

Customer: “Well, I won’t be there. We will have to ‘shelve’ it.”

(I start to think he is bluffing.)

Me: “Okay, well, I will cancel the appointment and try to book another time. Sorry that we couldn’t help you. Goodbye.” *click*

(I tell my boss later that I have cancelled an opportunity and he tells me:)

Boss: “Good. He sounded like a d**k.”

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