Demands For Discounts Increase, Amounts Discounted Decrease

, , | Right | November 29, 2018

(I work cash at an amusement park. On our cash machine there are discounts for 20%, 25%, and 40%. A guest comes in and wants an exchange, but doesn’t have a receipt. However, another coworker did her transaction and can vouch for her, so we do it anyway. We tell her the price, and she claims to have gotten a 30% off discount she wants to use on her new item.)

Me: “Ma’am, I know you didn’t get a 30% discount.”

Customer: “I did!”

Me: “The only way you could have gotten that discount is if the manager did it, and the manager is right here and doesn’t recognise you guys. There is no 30% off button, so there is no way you got that kind of discount.”

(The customer backtracked and said it might have been 20%. We refused to give her the 20% and she grumbled but went along with it. Her total was $35.40, and she refused to pay 40 cents since she claimed we were cheating her. She stormed out of the store, and my manager just took extra cash that we keep on top of our tills — eg. if someone says to keep the change, we keep it on top because if we put it in our register it messes with the balance — and just paid the 40 cents for her.)

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